Learn Electronics the MIT Way

Want to take an electronics course at MIT? Don’t pack up, mortgage the house, and move to Massachusetts! Just download the MIT course on basic electronics. This is part of their Open Courseware initiative I’ve written about before. Of course there’s no instructor support and no credit, but it sounds like a good class if you want to know more about electronics. From the site:

Subject 6.071 Introduction to Electronics provides undergraduate students with both a basic and practical understanding of electricity and electronics. The emphasis is on applications rather than theory. Consequently there is a strong hands-on component to the subject to enable students to gain practical experience. Topics covered in the subject include:

* DC and AC circuits

* Diodes, transistors, operational amplifier
* Analog and digital electronics

* Detectors and transducers

* Electronic control
* Signal processing and noise

The focus of the subject is understanding the critical issues involved in assembling and using an array of electronic equipment to carry out various missions. Thus, there is more emphasis on the application as opposed to design.

Let me know how you like it!

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