New US Ham Band Allocations Coming Soon

If you don’t keep up with the Ham Radio news, maybe you haven’t heard that the FCC has reallocated the US Ham bands. The changes go into place on 15 December 2006.

The ARRL has a .

What are the changes? On 80 meters the top end of the CW/RTTY/Digital band now will be at 3600 kHz. Phone will now begin at 3600 kHz for Extras; and 3700 kHz for Advanced. The General phone band will start at 3800 kHz.

On 40 meters, the Extra/Advanced phone band will start where the CW band ends: 7125 kHz. The General phone band will start at 7175 kHz.

On 15 meters, the bottom of the General phone band will be at 21275 KHz. The bottom of the phone band for Extra and Advanced will remain unchanged.

On 10 meters, Novices and Technicians with CW credit will now be able to use CW/RTTY/Digital from 28000 kHz to 28300 kHz. Their voice band (28300 kHz to 28500 kHz) remains unchanged.

In addition, for Novices and Technicians with CW credit, there are now privileges for CW use only on the same frequencies as General and Advanced licensees on 80, 40, and 15 meters: 3525 kHz to 3600 kHz; 7025 kHz to 7125 kHz; and 21025 kHz to 21200 kHz.

My favorite band, 20 meters, remains unchanged.

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