Trampy Emacs

I’ll confess that although I can use vi, I prefer emacs. If I’m using Linux or the excellent under Windows, it is my text editor (well, actually my environment) of choice.

There’s a great plug in that allows you to edit files on remote machines using emacs, called — amusingly enough — tramp. The home page is at and if you use Cygwin, you might check out: .

The system relies on ssh (well, technically scp). If you want to edit a remote file you just open up a “file name” like /[]/home/theal/public_html/index.html and tramp copies it down, allows you to edit the file and then pushes it back to the server when you save it.

Really cool!

One thought on “Trampy Emacs

  1. There is a tool called hobo that does almost the same thing but it is faster. The only problem is it isn’t as polished as tramp.

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