Dual Core? Quad Core? Try 80 Core!

Intel researchers recently announced they’ve produced an 80-core chip that uses less energy than a quad-core processor and has teraflop performance capabilities.

According to Manny Vara, a technology strategist with Intel’s R&D labs the chip is just for research purposes and lacks some necessary functionality at this point, but Vara says Intel will be able to produce a chip with 80 cores in five to eight years.

The chip, called the Tera-Scale Teraflop Prototype, is the subject of a research project that Intel will present at the 2007 International Solid State Circuits Conference in early February.

Vara says the 80-core chip uses less than 100 watts of energy, compared to a dual-core chip using 60 to 70 watts or a quad-core using 105 to 130 watts.

Apparently, the approach is to use a larger number of simpler cores of varying types. So one core might be optimized for one kind of processing while another core is optimized for a different type of processing.

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