Puxing PX-777+ Explained (in English)

The latest craze around here: the cheap imported handy talkies you can find on eBay. Local hams have bought Jingtong, Linton, Puxing, and a few more I can’t spell off hand.

I like the Puxing. It is FCC approved and has a lithium ion battery. It does cost a few dollars more than some of the cheaper radios, but it is still way under $100 shipped and works like a champ. The biggest flaw is the very poor manual.

So I took notes about what I know (and I what I could decypher out of the manual). You can find it in the

. A great radio at a great price!

If you know something I’ve missed, pass it along and I’ll add it to the article.

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  1. Not an error: a feature. When programmed through computer you don’t see channel names by default, as you said in your article. However, you can make channel names visible through menu -> name -function.


  2. I’m trying to use the programming software for my Puxing 777+
    I don’t seem to be able to get to first base – reading from the radio. This is not helped by my laptop not having a std RS232 serial port, so I’m using a USB to serial cable with a driver.
    Is there a special mode I have to put the handheld into?
    Anybody who’s done this and can explain the setps involved?

  3. Hi,

    I just bought a PX-328 and had the same problem – the only lead they supply is USB, so I didn’t know till I got it that the software looks for a standard serial port.

    There’s nothing in the owner’s manual to tell you what the pinout should be, so no chance of making one yourself.

    If I plug the lead into the PC it finds it and says there’s a new device installed, but that it has a problem. I’m still trying to find a driver for it – nothing was supplied on the CD with the radio.

    I assume that the drop-down menu that allows you to choose between COM port1, 2, 3 & 4 should work in your setup as long as the USB driver maps the lead on to one of the standard ports – have a look in system manager under hardware devices USB to see what it has done.

    It probably matters what order things are connected/power up in as well – a common problem with USB devices like cameras, phones, etc.

    I hope you get it sorted – they are great radios…

  4. hi !

    programming any radio unit using software you need Serial Port COM1, Etc. so find an PC with COM 1, etc.
    GOOD LUCK – 73, Marian – YO7MR ex YO7CEG.

  5. Just bought this Puxing PX-328 on E-Bay at a good price. The major problen is with the USER’S MANUAL. It is poorly written and I am having difficulty figuring out how to program it. Where can I find software to assist this process?

  6. Great little radio but the book is usless and programming CD supplied with the programming cable does not appear to have a driver for the radio. I am trying to find a downloadable driver but so far no luck. Anyone out there have a suggestion? If so e-mail me at hmcoram@shaw.ca Cheers.

  7. I have also a puxing TX777 The Manual says that its frequency range is 136-174 mhz; 350-390 mhz and 400-470 mhz. For some confounded reason it will not accept one frequency which is 412.7000 which I want to listen to.
    Can you please help. I have the programing software for this unit. But am awaiting to purchase the programing cable. If you know where I can buy one in Australia preferably usb connection and not serial I would be very appreciative of any information.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for a very informative website. You can email me direct on the email supplied with this comment. The radio itself is a beuty.

  8. The driver download worked well at http://www.puxingradio.com/down.asp?CurLanguage=en
    Once downloaded I had to restart my computer twice for the effects to take place. Then I could only use one of the two USB ports. It did recognize the USB to Serial cable in both USB ports, however it would not work at all no matter what port I told the program to use.
    Every time you op[en the program you will need to plug the cable in and then go to communication port and select the port, (more than likely port 3 or 4), that you are plugged into. It will work with some detective work and time on your hands. Also… the disc that comes with the program for the Puxing 888D radio is not very good. Download the new one, (v3), from http://www.pxdz.com/english/down.asp
    I hope these tips work for you all… They did for me!!!

  9. appears the usb driver pl-2303 is the same one that motorola gsm phones use for cable connection. With these, I had to allow about 10 seconds after connecting device, before opening software program. ??

  10. Update…

    I managed to download a driver from another seller’s site and now when I plug in the USB cable the PC recognises it properly and sets it as COM3 ( the PC already has COM 1 & 2 allocated to the serial port hardware ).

    I can now use the programming software and it works fine.

    My only regret is that I didn’t buy a dual-band radio.

    I’ve also now got a full license, so I’m M0GRP.

    73’s Graham.

  11. Hello Graham

    Could you please share where you found this driver?
    I’ve got the PX888D VHF, a computer running on Windows XP and the PL2302 USB driver will not function on XP. When I plug in the USB cable I get the triple “boing” no-go sound and the radio is not recognized.
    Please share the info, especially if you got the driver for XP, thanks!

  12. Dan T
    January 25th, 2009 at 10:30 am
    You can download the USB Driver for Puxing Radios from:


    However, its for Windows Vista, if anybody knows of a n XP version please let us all know…


    That works just fine with XP… I didn’t get it to work with vista… but then again what does work with vista…

  13. I was wondering the difference in the 777 and the 328 just for basic use. Is there really that much difference in the 2 radios when it comes down to basic use? I’m talking about just transmitting and receiveing. All the spec’s I see on them looks the same. I do know the 328 had a problem with some of the first radios. It didn’t matter where the channel was selected to scan or not, they would all scan. I was told it was an error in the radios software. But other than this I have found no differences. Now I’m not a real technical raio person ….just enough to know how things work but I did figure out the manual that comes with the radios…..LOL

  14. I have used the Puxing 777 for about a year now, enjoy the little guy! I’ve noticed some users have a few issues with programming and such. The channel banking of you radio makes a difference. For instance, if you have a 777 with 118 channels you can program via computer but can’t put names to the channels. Only by hand (manual program). However, if you have the 128 channel radio you can program the names to the channel. I had both versions. I use both vhf and uhf, love them. They work great for whatever you need. I use mine for my fire department (vhf) and my Leo work (uhf). Very light weight. The manual is very tricky to look at and understand. As far as the 328’s I don’t know, I have only experienced the 777’s. there is a newer model now, I don’t remember what model number. I don’t know if they operate the same either. Happy Blogging!

  15. amazing,
    I’ve seen several comments about how easy it is to figure out this radio.

    I sit here struggling to put in three frequencies I want to listen to and assign a memory to them.

    I’m looking for examples how to do the basic stuff. Bet there’s more out there like me that wonder how a manual this bad has never been made better.

  16. Does anyone know how to keep the 777 from scaning all channels can i put just some in to be scanned and keep some if I want to use them manual or add to scan

  17. I can’t see to get xp to locate the puxing 888 it won’t find the radio. Anyone else have this problem and what can i do it worked fine on win7 thanks!!

  18. FOr those of you who want to try changing band on px-777 try this . hold MONITOR and MENU button for 2 seconds while turning POWER on untill you see SELF on the Display. then enter code 5858, the display will show ex 400470 (400-470MHz) enter 385384 the ENTER to change frequency range. Note this will have no deleting effect on memory programmed channels you already have in other band. radio may not tx on certain band range.

  19. Can someone please tell me how to get the PX-777 to talk to the pc through the usb cable.. i have tried evrything i can think of, but nothing seems to be working. cheers

  20. Hi,
    I recently got a PX-777 but I cannot see the names of the channels. I know there is heaps on this forum about getting the channel names displayed and I have tried the following:
    Name setting from off to on (many times)
    ‘Manual’ setting from open to closed (many times)
    Changing from ch mode to VFO mode doesnt fix it.

    The problems I run into are the following:
    ABC123 is not displayed as a menu option at the end of self? programing
    Names i set via the programing software are not displayed, even when i toggled the language in the advanced options.
    When i attempt to do a master reset/clear (holding VFO on startup) i get ‘CLEAR?’ displayed on the screen, when I press enter it asks for what looks like a password.

    any ideas please!!!!

  21. px-777 When i attempt to do a master reset/clear (holding VFO on startup) i get ‘CLEAR?’ displayed on the screen, when I press enter it asks for what looks like a password.

  22. how do iconnect to the repeaters..step by step puxing328 no programming cable and no manual
    i can lsiten to police marine and air +but want to get on to the repeaters. and how can i tell when i am connected

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