Random Electronic Projects

A few pictures I ran across of some old projects.

I really like the Radio Shack boards that are laid out like a solderless breadboard. This is a “game show” style controller produced for a client with a Basic Stamp. The only downside to these boards is that they are one sided and the copper will very easily delaminate if you get it too hot.

Another client project, this one is an H-bridge for motor control, driven by a Basic Stamp and .

A board to control HVAC equipment.

This StarFire board (bare and assembled) was a PIC processor used to gather, store, and transmit model rocketry telemetry. I volunteer with a group that lets high school kids learn about engineering by building . The PIC is riding in a socket that allows an in circuit emulator to attach. Note the two attached to produce RS232 ports. One was socketed, so the board could hook to a PC during development, but a TTL-level GPS in flight, if I recall.

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