Jericho Morse Code

It seems like I get more hits about Morse code on Jericho than just about anything else, so…. The series finale was necessarily disappointing. But you can see they are setting up for a new “Civil War” show on SciFi, I bet. Perhaps with a mostly new cast at that. Maybe they’ll call the show “Republic” and it’d be about the Texans kicking everyone else’s… um, well.

Episode 1.01: The Pilot
Jericho Pilot

Episode 1.02: Fallout
Jericho Fallout

Episode 1.03: Four Horsemen

Jericho Three

Episode 1.04: Walls of Jericho
He knows Rob

Episode 1.05: Federal Response
There is a fire

Episode 1.06: “9.02”
The EMP hits

Episode 1.07: Long Live the Mayor
Pray for NYC

Episode 1.08: Rogue River
Rob not FBI

Episode 1.09: Crossroads
AOV Surprise

Episode 1.10: Red Flag
It begins with

Episode 1.11: Vox Populi
6 and ends with

Special Episode: Return To Jericho
back next week. 36 hours before bombs

Episode 1.12: The Day Before

Episode 1.13: Black Jack
Bleeding KS

Episode 1.14: Heart of Winter
4 Down 4 to Go

Episode 1.15: Semper Fidelis
They will need it

Episode 1.16: Winter’s End
A costly deal

Episode 1.17: One Man’s Terrorist
Rob Exposed

Episode 1.18: A.K.A.

Who Ran Red Bell

Episode 1.19: Casus-Belli

Episode 1.20: One If By Land
We Pledge

Episode 1.21: Coalition of the Willing

Episode 1.22: Why We Fight
To the Flag

Episode 2.01: Reconstruction


Episode 2.02: Condor

J&R RAN BOXCAR  (man… have you ever heard an & sent using Morse code before? I hadn’t)

Episode 2.03: Jennings & Rall

 Episode 2.04:  Oversight
A Costly Death

Episode 2.05: Termination for Cause

Episode 2.06: Sedition

Know our Flag

Episode 2.07: Patriots and Tyrants
Is still there

The code was sloppy at the start of the series. In addition, I always thought “AOV Surprise” was a mistake, although some say it means “Area of Vulnerability.” Right.  It got better, but also got faster and covered up more with music. The sloppy nature and the use of the & symbol makes me think that whoever was responsible for this was not a ham, but just someone who thought it was a cool idea and looked up the Morse code.

Too bad about a great show. They really dumbed it down for the 2nd season, which I guess was necessary. I wonder if they’ll release the alternate ending on the Internet?

73 de WD5GNR

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