Kenwood TS-570D Multi/Ch Encoder Sticking?

I’ve had a TS-570D for quite some time. Of course, I always say I go through more solder than log books, so it goes a long time between uses sometimes.

Lately, I’d noticed the Multi/Ch knob was “sticking” or behaving erratically. This makes it hard to do things like set filters and menu items. I don’t know if sticking is exactly the right word — the encoder would seem to rotate “the wrong way” and otherwise behave strangely.

I had about resigned myself to opening the case and cleaning out the encoder. A quick web search, however, indicated the encoder was sealed. However, on a Web forum I read of a strange fix. Apparently, if you rotate the knob quickly for a long period of time it will “fix” itself. The poster outlined attaching a cordless screwdriver to the shaft and using it to clear the fault.

Well I went low tech. I just rotated the knob manually as fast as I could probably 50 or 100 full rotations. And oddly enough that restored the encoder to like new behavior. I have no idea why.

But meanwhile, look for me on PSK-31!

8 thoughts on “Kenwood TS-570D Multi/Ch Encoder Sticking?

  1. I was hours away from mailing my 570 off for repair when I ran across this article. Tried it and be damned if it didn’t work! Don’t know how long this fix will hold but thanks a million.

  2. After having a number of Kenwood TS-570D’s that developed the MULTI/CH encoder problem, I searched the web for the best fix. Everything from spraying with cleaner to spinning with a drill which sounded like 10 years of wear in 5 seconds…..not good IMHO! One site removed the encoder and completely disassembled and rebuilt the unit….a very good pictorial of the process. This site shows what is inside and why spinning is not a good idea!
    My fix is easy, does not require the radio to be disassembled, only the MULTI/CH knob to be removed. Stand the radio vertically face up. I found a piece of clear rubber hose about 12” long that will slide over the shaft of the pot but require you to thread it onto the threads of the pot mount. I then put about 1/4” of Puretronics contact cleaner and lubricant in the tube. (this cleaner does not attack the plastic…great stuff) Next I gently blow the cleaner past the shaft and into the encoder, remove the hose and rotate the shaft. Do this three times. Remove hose and install knob. Let the radio sit for 10 minutes to dry. Apply power……GOOD LUCK! Don W4WO

  3. It also happened to mine ts570 just two years ago (i pwn it since 2003). I opened the case, and i sprayed the encoder with a non oily contact cleaner. The problem is fixed since then.

  4. They got cheap and used a mechanical encoder instead of an optical. I have a 590 and it does the same thing and doing some research on replacing it with an optical. I can’t believe this nice rig then skimped on this little detail.

    Pat KD4OBQ

  5. Much success with the optical and working lots better. Never skips a beat now. Now to do some refining and share the wisdom.

    73 Pat KD4OBQ

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