GP3 Videos and a New Board On its Way

If you’ve been reading my posts about the Rigol scope you’ve probably noticed I use the to generate odd test signals. We have made these for a long time and they are in the most amazing number of things all over the world. But over the years we’ve heard customers ask for new or different options and we’ve thought of a few things ourselves. So within the next month there will be a new PCB option for the GP-3. The new board will have the option to be easily wired for RS232, USB, or both. It also has provisions for “regular” LEDs, screw terminals that can double as feet, and all signals brought out to the terminals. A dedicated jumper lets you set the GP3EZ program status, an improved reset switch, and provisions for a resonator or a crystal are just some of the new features you can expect.

These new boards will be even better for tough industrial applications and have a quieter A/D layout than the old boards. But the older boards will still be available. They cost less, are easier to work with on a solderless breadboard, and they are much smaller so they squeeze into tight spots better. But choice is good, right?

If you want to watch some videos about the GP3:

Oh and by the way. We’ve always supported Linux with a variety of libraries. But the GP3EZ software now runs under Linux too. If you haven’t seen GP3EZ, check out the videos.

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