New GP-3X Boards Available

Here’s a chance to pick one up at a promotional auction price.

The firmware on these boards is the normal GP-3. You can use it as a PC A/D interface for data acquisition or control You can also create a program with GP3EZ and then “download” it to the board so the board will function without a PC.

The differences in this board from the regular board:

1) All I/O is out to the edge and marked. Screw terminals are optional (included in the auction).

2) Dedicated jumper for GP3EZ run/program mode

3) USB daughterboard available

4) Room for a “regular” LED or a 2nd 5V LED.

5) Large ground lands for the analog converters to decrease noise pickup

6) Spare area for op-amps or other devices (if not using USB daughterboard); flexible I/O lets you “interrupt” the analog and digital I/O to reroute.

7) Slot for resonator OR crystal.

8 ) Switchable DTE or DCE serial port (and connections for TTL serial)

There is also a new manual for ALL GP-3s. Unlike the old “two part” manual, this is one manual for all GP-3 boards and should not require any other manual regardless of which kit you have.

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