Cost Effective Digital I/O for LabView

Example GP3 VI

LabView is great software, but it isn’t easy to find inexpensive hardware that works with it. Since the GP-3 is a serial device (RS232 or USB) LabView can use it, but it does take a bit of hoop jumping to match the GP-3’s efficient binary protocol with LabView’s string-oriented I/O.

Because so many people have asked me about how to use LabView with the GP-3, I’ve started posting blocks that do the GP-3 functions. I don’t have them all yet, but I’m steadily adding to them, and the example they provide would make it pretty easy to do any of them you want (in fact, I just copy, paste, and modify to get most of them myself).

Read the whole article at and look for the download files at the bottom.

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