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How to Disassemble (Take Apart) a Rigol DS1052E, DS1102E, DS1052D, DS1102D

I had a bad encoder on my Rigol scope. Taking it apart was an adventure.

Have a look at this slide show to see how it comes apart. I replaced the encoder with a mostly compatible unit from Digikey..

11 Responses to How to Disassemble (Take Apart) a Rigol DS1052E, DS1102E, DS1052D, DS1102D

  1. Mike Robinson says:

    These pictures omit the most difficult part: getting the plastic case past the C14 power connector. I have yet to find any reliable way of doing this.

  2. Where did you get the “grippy” from?

  3. These are common in PC “tool kits”. If you google “screw grabber” you should find something. They don’t cost much.

  4. Thanks, wd5gnr. That looks like a very handy tool to have around.

  5. Jeff Powers says:

    I agree with Mike Robinson. I’m still struggling to get to step one of the slideshow, getting the case off. I only broke the trigger control knob and want to replace it, but can’t get the cover off. The slides also said the knobs just pull off, but I’ve pulled pretty hard and had no luck. I’m stuck at stage 0.1.


  6. Hi Jeff and Mike — well the knobs do just pull off. You might consider making a loop of wire to slip under them and using it to pull. The only one that is troublesome to me is the power switch. You have to get a small screwdriver blade in there and lever it up. The screws are the obvious ones at the bottom and then two more under the handle which are a pain to get back in.

    Not to state the obvious but just in case. The only knobs that come off are the multipurpose knob, the vertical, sweep, trigger, and the 2 scale knobs. Plus the on off switch of course. The little buttons stay where they are.

    It does take a little force. I guess it is possible Rigol changed how they make these at some point, so you might hunt for a set screw, but I’m guessing you already have.

  7. Jeff Powers says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try again. –Jeff

  8. Ove Andersen says:

    Hi wd5gnr,
    This is very helpful, as I have a bad encoder too. Did the replacement encoder fit exactly and how difficult was the soldering?

  9. Hi Ove,

    Yep it fit exactly but it did have detents which the original did not. But it works fine. Rigol sent me a new board but I haven’t replaced it since the fix is working great.

  10. Fernando says:

    Thanks for this usefull information.
    What did you do to get a replacement board from Rigol?
    Did you have to pay anything?

    Best regards,

  11. Anyone have part numbers for the encoders?

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