Pithos (Pandora) Quicklist for Unity or Icon-Only Task Manager

I use KDE but recently installed the excellent Icon-Only Task Manager (http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=144808) that lets you set up a Unity-like desktop. One cool thing is that some programs have QuickLists. So if you right click on a Chrome icon, for example, it gives you options to open a new window or tab, etc.

Making a new Quicklist is pretty easy and I use Pithos (http://kevinmehall.net/p/pithos/) quite a bit to listen to Pandora. So here’s my Quicklist for Pithos. Save it as pithos.desktop and put it in /usr/share/applications/pithos.desktop.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Play music from Pandora Radio

[Desktop Action Like]
Name=Like Song
Exec=qdbus org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.pithos /net/kevinmehall/Pithos net.kevinmehall.Pithos.LoveCurrentSong

[Desktop Action Ban]
Name=Ban Song
Exec=qdbus org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.pithos /net/kevinmehall/Pithos net.kevinmehall.Pithos.BanCurrentSong

[Desktop Action Skip]
Name=Skip Song
Exec=qdbus org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.pithos /net/kevinmehall/Pithos net.kevinmehall.Pithos.SkipSong

[Desktop Action Pause-Play]
Exec=qdbus org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.pithos /net/kevinmehall/Pithos net.kevinmehall.Pithos.PlayPause

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  1. Wow, thanks for this quicklist for Pithos. I had this setup for Banshee and when I started using Pithos I really missed paus/play, skip, etc. from my quicklist. This should come by default with Pithos. Thanks for sharing!

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