Candle Maker. Smelter. Pasta Maker. Mine. The. Those items that you can easily find every time you flip the brochure. บอท Hayday Bot ล่าสุด. I can only afford one or the other, which will make me more money and … 61 - 80; Products lvl. Results 1 to 8 of 8 Thread: Juice press or fishing area?? Juice Press. Index; Machines Lvl. Put the most abundance items at the lowest amount. Feed Mill. Sub Menu. 1 - 20; Products lvl. I've been working on a database driven web site for Hay Day. Saw and Axe. Gaming Video Creator. Unless there already is a Juice Press in Hay Day. Sub Menu. Another useful trick is to get one of your crop in unusually low amount. Smoothie Mixer. The Juice Press is a production building unlocked at level 26. 61 - 80; Products lvl. Lvl. Bot. Juice Press Carrot Juice - 46 Apple Juice - 129 Cherry Juice - 216 Tomato Juice - 162 Berry Juice - 205 Ice Cream Maker Vanilla Ice Cream - 172 Cherry Popsicle - 352 Strawberry Ice Cream - 331 Chocolate Ice Cream - 342 Jam Maker Apple Jam - 219 Raspberry Jam - 252 Blackberry Jam - 338 Cherry Jam - 334 Strawberry Jam - 270 Jeweler Bracelet - 424 Necklace - 608 Diamond Ring - 705 Coffee … Hay Day. HAY DAY—IT'S 100% FREE-RANGE FUN! Cake Oven. Juice press vs Ice cream maker Should I buy the juice press or ice cream … I have some truck orders requiring bottles of juice, and sometimes the boat asks for fish-related products (and that boat might start asking me for juice soon... yikes) and that makes me confused. 1 - 20; Products lvl. Coffee Kiosk. Hat Maker. Town materials. 61 - 80; Products lvl. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date Dec 2012 Location Australia Posts 84. We know … Salad Bar. Barn. Honey Extractor. Salad Bar. Pasta Maker. Pie Oven. Spa is for a relaxing time but you need it when you see the price of the spa. That is pretty soon. Hi all! PC - bot. the game daily limit buy:80 expansion or upgrade materials.. $3.00 Hay Day; General Discussion; Juice press or fishing area?? You have to buy it for 19.000 … Hay Day Wiki Prod. Hay Day Answers for iPhone - iPad Home / iPhone - iPad / Android iPad. Diner is the third service building in your town … Slots: to get more demanding town visitors in the same building at the same time, from 1 initially to a maximum of 6. I have both … STATUS: Hay Day is … Lure Workbench. The Juice Press is a production building unlocked at experience level 26. Recent Post by Page. You have to pay up 62.000 coins. Land tools. Diner is the third service building in your town you will get reaching reputation level 3. Developer: Supercell; Publisher : Supercell; Genre: Simulation; Release: Jun 21, 2012; ESRB: Not Set; Question & Answers. Prod. It is one of the machines you will … Sushi Bar. I'm at level 35 and need to buy either mine access or the juice maker? Hot Dog Stand. Sugar Mill. Pasta Kitchen. Been playing … Ice Cream Maker. My goal for the site is to have several lists containing several lists of information. 1 - 49; Products & Rating; Products. It's still fairly rough, but it's getting there. Soup Kitchen. Contest of Champions (1) Future Fight (1) War Robots. It is used to make apple juice, berry juice, carrot juice, cherry juice, grape juice, orange juice, tomato juice and watermelon juice. Here's a list of all the Hay Day Items and what is best to keep in the barn or silo. Gems (1) Clash Royale. 81 - 102; Places to go. Share; Close Share with friends: Get back to the land. Hay Day Answers for iPad Home / iPad / Android iPhone - iPad. As for Oct. 12, 2014, these buildings costs almost the same (JP:31.5k, FB:35k.) The Town; EGGspress Train; Personal Train; Diner Exterior(max) Diner . Hay Day. ขายไอเท็มเกมเฮย์เดย์. Buildings. I’m here to guide you through this awesome game and give you some tips along the way to get you as far as possible. Hay Day. Coffee Kiosk. Flowershop. It costs 31,000 coins and takes 1 day and 7 hours to build it. Gems (1) Marvel. 51 - 80; PR-systeem. For example, chili popcorn, hamburger, cornbread, grill tomatoes, egg, bacon and egg, etc 5. Zip Contents [131] Sound Effects/add_to_queue.ogg; Sound Effects/add_to_queue_3.ogg; Sound Effects/bait_underwater_01v2.ogg ; Sound Effects/bakery.ogg; Sound Effects/bakery_door_1.ogg; Sound Effects/balloon_pop_01.ogg; … Juice Press. Hay Day is the farming game where you. This blog is not for children, but for adult players. Note that as soon as I start building one of the things … Candle Maker. Williams farm has gone up three levels and now the fishing area is open. Barn and Silo (16) Land tools (4) Saw and Axe (5) Mining tools (4) Town materials (7) Food (199) Diamonds and Coins (9) Bot (6) Clash of Clans. 81 - 102; Places to go. Yes there is already a juice press in hayday Originally Posted by Jamesf01. Uitleg waarom? Hello everyone! Hay Day Wiki Prod. Install FREE on your mobile device Free mobile download. Drag the building wherever you would like it to sit on your land. But first, if you’re new to Hay Day it may help for me to get a little into the game and describe … Sewing Machine . Ice Cream Maker. It has kegs filled with fruit as well as a pressure sensor next to it. Juice press--carrot juice Cake oven--First cream cake, then later honey apple cake The only drawback to that is that it depends on how much time you have to play. Food. Required ingredients … Currently, when you first visit the site, you will see the item with a small picture, sales price, production time, xp among other things. And for some it can feel tedious, constantly feeding wheat into the bakery for bread, carrots into the juice press, etc If you only check in several times a day you're better off to put products into your production queue that will make best use … 21 - 40; Products lvl. January 6 at 4:45 AM. As we all get enjoyment out of different things and thus play … After that you can relax at home … Hay Day Cake Oven Cake Oven Level 21. Sauce Maker. Having enough space plays a very important role in Hay Day. The juice press makes the apple juice, carrot juice, tomato … They consist of: Chickens Cows Pigs Sheeps Goats The non-producing animals wander freely around the farm, are purchased with Vouchers, and become available as you Level up. Bakery. Crops Hay Day Time Item Price (1 unit) Price and XP (Min) XP $/Min Wheat 3 2 1 1.500 Corn 7 5 1 1.400 Carrot 7 10 2 0.700 Soybean 10 20 2 0.500 Sugarcane 14 30 3 0.467 Indigo 35 120 5 0.292 Pumpkin 32 180 6 0.178 Chili Pepper 36 240 7 0.150 Tomato 43 360 8 0.119 Strawberries 50 480 10 0.104 Potatoes 36 220 7 0.164 Cotton 28 150 6 0.187 Trees & Bushes Price (1 unit) Time (Min) XP $/Min Apple 39 960 … Sandwich Bar. 21 - 40; Products lvl. 81 - 102; Places to go. Net Maker. Hay Day Wiki Prod. 1 - 49; Products & Rating; Products. To see all of the construction buildings in Hay Day, click on the Shop menu, then the third icon down, which looks rather like a barn. Sewing Machine. April 2nd, 2015 #5. Maybe it is a Sneak Peek? Gold (1) Choose Your Products Hay Day. Cheats & Hints; Questions; Videos; Boxshot & Details. 61 - 80; Prod. Product/Service. Lvl. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Fresh Spawn Join Date Oct 2013 Location The Netherlands Posts 2. Is the mine worth the … Mine or juice press? Now which should I start building (or repairing) first? Taco Kitchen. Jam Maker. The Town; EGGspress Train; Personal Train; Spa Exterior (max) Spa. 41 - 60; Products lvl. 1 - 49; Products & Rating; Products. Hay Day Calculator Buildings. The Town; EGGspress Train ; Personal Train; Bakery. Jeweler. Buildings Lvl. Coins: to squeeze more money from the town visitors to fill your own pocket, from +5% … Barn and Silo. Hat Maker. Diamonds and Coins. Honey Extractor. This blog info is for those that wish to play the game, not cheat the game. Smoothie Mixer. Buildings. Level 31 but with so much to do. 26 - 50; Machines Lvl. Developer: Supercell; Publisher: Supercell; Genre: Simulation; Release: Jun 21, 2012; ESRB: Not Set; Question & Answers. Etiketler (Bakmanıza Gerek Yok.) Grow and customize your farm; Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors and friends through your very own roadside shop; Fulfill orders with your truck and even by steamboat; Build your own town and … Hay Day; General Discussion; Juice press vs Ice cream maker; Results 1 to 3 of 3 Thread: Juice press vs Ice cream maker. Two new fishing spots opened with land expansion materials or LEMs. DaniM. Sauce Maker. What's more profitable: juice press or ice cream maker? HayDay Bot จำหน่ายบอทเฮย์เดย์ราคาถูก. Bakery. Today we look at my Baby farm. Products lvl. Games/Toys. 41 - 60; Products lvl. Jeweler. Jam Maker. First of all, I'm new to the forum, so I'd like to say Hi! Members of groups … hay day juice press, hay day juice press price, hay day kaise khele, hay day kitchen, hay day king, hay day ki video, hay day keeps crashing 2020, hay day keeps stopping, hay day keeps crashing, hay day keeps closing, hay day lover, hay day last level, hay day level 34, hay day live stream, hay day level 10000, hay day level 1, hay day level up fast, hay day mod, hay day max level, hay day mod game, hay day me … That way it tricks the random system to choose it. 4. The title says it all. Machines. Any suggestions? You can make a range of cakes including cream, red berry, cheese, strawberry chocolate and potato feta. Dairy. Sushi Bar. Loom. Barn and Silo combo. Do-ability (Moeilijk?) Bakery is the first production machine in Hay Day. Thread Tools. Product/Service. 1 - 20; Prod. Thread Tools. Dairy. 21 - 40; Products lvl. Sandwich Bar. Tea Stand. 1 - 20; Products lvl. Products lvl. Production Buildings are used to turn raw resources, such as Wheat, into something more saleable, such as Bread. Once a building has been constructed (which can take a little while, again able to be sped up with … #HAYDAY - Hay Day Williams Farm - New Fishing Area, and Juice Machine is the hay day video today. Information about the game Hay Day from the creators Supercell. 21 - 40; Prod. Show Printable Version; October 20th, 2013 #1. Show Printable Version; December 4th, 2012 #1. jacobdintsv. Popcorn Pot. 200 BARN EXPANSION MATERIAL (Bolt, Plank, Tape) of Your Choose. I personally use the juicer more than the smelters. Fish Boat. Unless there already is a Juice Press in Hay Day. The Cake Oven becomes available when you reach level 21 and comes at a cost of 14,200 coins. The producing Animals are kept in pens, are purchased with coins, and become available as you Level up. 41 - 60; Prod. Candy Machine. 81 - 102; Gebied. Soup Kitchen. 41 - 60; Products lvl. FIFA Online By WFC. Hay Day Wiki Prod. Hay Day has been around for about two years now and people are still wondering what it takes to get to the next Hay Day level and what sort of awards and bonuses will you get at the next step in the game. Producten. Lvl. Buildings. They are: Dogs Retriever Pinscher Hound Cats Tabby Calico … Cheats & Hints; Questions; Videos; Boxshot & Details. Mining tools. Lvl. Buildings Lvl. De Stad; EGGspress Train ; Personal Train; Sanctuary; Diner Exterior(max) Diner. Filesize: 1.73 MB: Submitter: LukeWarnut: Format: ZIP: Hits: 1,258: Comments: 0: Download this Sound. Hay Day. Jay777. 1 - 25; Machines Lvl. Sale Item Hay Day -ขายไอเท็มเฮเดย์ราคาถูก . It is one of the first machines that I fully expanded the available slots on in an effort to keep production items running continuously. It can produce carrot juice, apple juice, cherry juice, tomato juice and berry juice. Juice Press; Salad Bar; Sauce Maker; Soup Kitchen; Tea Stand; Upgrading your town buildings (with a smile) Each building has four different features you can upgrade like slots, coins, experience and time. Hay Day includes two types of Animals. hay day, hay day hack, hay day tips, jaydayoungan, hay day yard sale, hay day glitch, hay day mod apk, hay day game, hay day 2018, hay day ad, hay day apk, hay day asmr, hay day apk mod, hay day auto, heyday apple watch band, hayday app, hay day advent, hay day art, hay day apk hack, hay day builder, heyday boat, hay day best, hay day bands, hay day bingo, hay day big box, … Level 35. Lvl. Return to Game. Buildings Lvl. BBQ Grill. Cloud bot Hot items Recommand items … 5 years ago. Section: Miscellaneous. Products lvl. The Juice Press is a mixing machine with a silver-brimmed barrel on top and a dispenser with a golden tap. Silo. Juice press or fishing area?? View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Centennial Club Join Date Mar 2015 Location Arizona Posts 102. Pasta … … Candy Machine. Profitability (Winst?) Smelter.
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