All work and no play…. Here’s a site that poses a bunch of “riddles” — but not in the common sense of the word. Instead, each page contains subtle clues about the identity of the next page, which you have to find. You might have to interpret strange encodings, manipulate an image, view the page source, or search for relationships to clues on the Web. Sounds crazy, but very addicitve. Be sure to take the “tutorial” before you start the actual puzzle!

Amazing Browser App

I’m not big on games, but the fact that this game (similar to, say, Unreal Tournment) runs inside your browser makes it pretty remakable. You do need the latest Shockwave player (free from Macromedia or Adobe or whoever its from this week) which the Web page will install for you if you don’t already have it.

Features single player and network player mode, DirectX, positional sound. Remarkable.