Big Mess o' Wires

There are many things I enjoy that I can’t actually do

. I don’t think I could write without a computer — I’m too sloppy. The one time I tried to lay out a PCB by hand in the old days, my boss threatened to fire me if I did it again, but with a computer its easy.

One of my interests is CPU design. I have two processors I work on from time to time. One is kind of a classic 16-bit mini architecture and the other is a very novel 32 bit design that I’ll talk about some day. But I don’t think I could actually wire up a whole CPU from scratch. The fact that I can describe my circuits and push them onto an FPGA fabric makes it possible.

Apparently, that’s not true of everyone. I’ve posted links before to relay computers and discrete computers. Here’s a blog detailing a CPU builder’s journey:

Some people might ask, Why? But I know that if you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand the answer.

Good luck Steve!

Super Etch-A-Sketch

To paraphrase RFK, “Some people see a project like this and think why? I see a project like this and think why didn’t I do that?” Neil Fraser did it. He hooked a . But he didn’t stop at just twisting the knobs. Oh no, this rig can turn the unit over and shake it to erase!

Pretty cool if you ask me. His site has some other neat toys like an automatic combination lock opening device (but don’t worry, it won’t work if the lock is attached to something).

Oh yeah, and here’s the fine print:

The Etch A Sketch product name and the configuration of the Etch A Sketch product are registered trademarks owned by The Ohio Art Company.

Similar Blogs

I’m always surprised at how few blogs talk about the things I’m interested in (FPGAs, ham radio, etc.). Sure, there are plenty of Internet blogs and some that are just “geeky” but I suspect the number of people with my exact set of interests is pretty small.

However, a quick search turned up a few:

  • – Ham Radio
  • – Embedded
  • – Another ham (dead link)
  • – One of my favorites (mostly Internet related, but geeky!)
  • – Very slick ham radio blog with PodCast!
  • – Do I need to explain this one?

There are others, of course, but those are some that I’ve looked at at least twice. Where are you reading geek discussion? Post a comment and let me know.

Update: I just found a . Interesting!

Geek Articles

I’ve been getting the urge to write some longer articles again, so I’m opening the HotSolder Article Pages. I’ll get a link to the right shortly. Look for some new articles soon as well as some “reprints” of other articles I’ve had on some of my other Web sites.