Post a reply. Alaska’s harvest of 2,200 birds is the highest in the nation. Forget it. Located in southeastern Washington, Pacific Wings Waterfowl Adventures offers the finest waterfowl hunting in the Pacific flyway. ... Pintail, Golden Eye, Ringneck, Old Squaw and of course the elusive Harlequin. | ٢ b : D R$6~U # @ k # )m ,æ %yY Dave at Peninsula Sportsman. Not so in Washington where you couldn't shoot because the limit is 1, and who knows if you will see more. King Eider, Harlequin Duck, Long-tailed Duck, White-wing Scoter. I've searched the archives but can't find any real discussion in recent years on sea duck guides with a focus on Harlequin. 50% deposit is required to reserve hunting dates.Visa and Mastercard accepted. Washington Duck Hunting Our Washington guided duck hunts offer an excellent opportunity for fast-paced, up close and personal hunts for numerous species! Moderators: h2ofowlr, washingtonmuley, brokerbyduck. Delta Waterfowl Already Prepping Hen Houses for Return of Nesting Mallards The Duck Hunters Organization continually works to produce ducks through [...] Jessica Rockeman 2021-01-14T10:16:38-06:00 January 2021 Migration Report Our land encompasses the Winchester Wildlife Refuge, which is home to tens of thousands of migrating ducks … What to expect: We will hunt sea ducks off Maine’s rocky ledges, USCG approved layout boats, or out of our rugged seaworthy USCG approved 20.6ft duck boat. Outdoor enthusiasts, Sea duck and waterfowl hunters will find a unique Pacific Northwest hunting experience with Peninsula Sportsman. Washington Sea Duck Hunting Guides, Wonderful Sea, Washington Sea Duck Hunting Guides With well over 40 years experience guiding hunters from around the world, we have the best goose guides in the Northwest. 10 0 obj When and Where to Find in Washington As a breeder, the Harlequin Duck is uncommon below 4,000 feet in the Cascade, Olympic, and Selkirk Mountains from mid-March through mid-August. " 100% success rate on trophy king eiders Discuss all of the Washington duck hunting topics here. 11 posts • Page 1 of 1. A harlequin hunt is a day at the beach—­literally. Easy to do in Alaska because more will be by in minutes to an hour. I let them go because one was a hen and I wanted Drakes. Washington allows hunters one bird per year; Alaska, four. Ruckus Outfitters is THE premiere waterfowl hunting and fishing guide service! Alaska King Eider hunting is for the true adventurer-collector that wants to hunt the most beautiful North American duck. Adak Island Aleutians Teal, Pacific Eider & Harlequin Hunting Sea Duck Hunting Adak for Pacific Eiders ~ Harlequin~ Eurasian Widgeon~ Aleutian Teal $3900 pp 6 day Guided Deluxe Aleutian Trophy hunt 2019 only 2020=$4500 $2595 per hunter 6 day unguided Aleutian … Sea Ducks are my favorite ducks. This guided Maine sea duck hunt is a great hunt for both taking in Maine’s beautiful postcard perfect coast line and fast action duck hunting! We specialize in offering custom sporting adventures on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. We hunt over 50 square miles of optimum farmland near Quincy and George, Washington. Smokin Pinners Outfitters is a veteran owned and operated hunting guide service specializing in the pursuit of sea ducks in Washington state. You can expect a wide variety of local and migratory sea ducks, diver ducks and some puddle ducks. For example I let 4 Harlequin fly by the decoys in a tight bunch as they do. Sea Duck Hunting Washington .
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