… The total number of cards in an oracle deck may vary as well, with some decks containing as few as 12 cards with others having more than 100. What about Oracle? Typically astrology is taught from an intellectual place through words, books, very heady classes, etc. I will give this deck a very high rating. Guide to Free Astrology Reports Astrology Oracle Deck. Retail: Sold per single unit. $35.00 / Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck. The Fountain Tarot Deck, $26.28. The Arcana of Astrology - Oracle Deck serves as a wonderful tool to harness the wisdom of the cosmos to help guide you in your life. As you become aware of your full astrological potential, areas that are out of balance will be illuminated. The Astro Essentia Oracle Deck is a powerful new way to experience astrology. $39.00 / Botanical Oracle Deck. Tarot Oracle Answer You dealt The Moon! The finest embodiment of mysticism. Love Sign Compatibility. The set comes complete with a guidebook that explains how to read the cards and develop a connection. Making the Deck Your Own. Astrology Oracle Reading for this Week. As you become aware of your full astrological potential, areas that are out of balance will be illuminated. Following the popularity of her book Moonology, she has created this oracle deck to bring more answers and guidance for those who feel a connection or are drawn to working with the moon's natural magic. To help make the deck your own, spend some quiet time with it, really taking in each card. A full-size, in-depth, full-color Guidebook accompanies this pioneering deck, giving you […] This suggests the question is likely significant. There are 22 personified cards in the deck: 12 zodiac cards and 10 planet cards. Love in the Palm of Your Hand. THE LIVING WHEEL ASTROLOGY CARDS. With text by Lunaea Weatherstone, cocreator of the Astrological Oracle (9780738735047) and the Ceccoli Oracle (9780738751528), this deck makes a lasting, insightful impression with each reading. It is available directly from the creator, here. Sep 18, 2020 - Explore Karey York's board "oracle - decks I am considering...", followed by 168 people on Pinterest. These beautifully rendered cards feature animal energies that guide your efforts to divine the spiritual messages that come through your readings. The cards in the deck provide answers to the user's questions about their life as well as offering teachings on moon phases and moon positions. Author and artist Claire Goodchild created this deck as a tool to teach the archetypes of astrology, with art inspired by vintage star ch Wood Engraved Tarot Deck Black Moon. The Fundamentals of Astrology oracle card set is also available from New Leaf. Celestial Bodies is an all-in-one astrology and numerology learning tool and oracle deck. The Astro-Oracle deck is available to purchase now. As well as being a basic introduction to elemental astrology, it's also a beautiful oracle deck. ... 8 Ways To Create More Wealth with Astrology. Humans have long looked to the skies for inspiration and guidance. Includes a guidebook containing all the information you need to start working with this deck and reveals the in-depth … Her readings focus on personal, practical, and powerful ways astrology can improve your daily life. It is also in my top 10 for first-time client use. The Nakshatra Oracle™ Deck is a project three years in the making and will soon be ready to get into your hands. Divination with this deck is an amazing combination of Tarot like card pulling, with messages from the Zodiac. An Oracle deck can have a uniting theme or no uniting theme, 10 cards or 60 cards, and is overall going to vary widely from deck to deck — and that’s the charm of it!